Raw Materials: VIP privacy slats are extruded from quality High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Color pigments include ultra violet inhibitors guaranteed to circumvent the aging and fading effects of the sun.


Melt Index: (.6) a low melt index is an indication of enhanced stress and crack resistance
Density: (.957) high density for maximum stiffness without becoming brittle
Maximum Temperature: (250*F / 121*C) Polyethylene will not distort until it reaches
this temperature.
Minimum Temperature: (-76*F / -60*C) Polyethylene will stay flexible at this temperature.
Tensile Strength: (3700 psi) Polyethylene will not suffer any distortions at lesser load or impact.
ASTM: D638
Colors: White, Beige, Silver, Redwood, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Brown, Black
Shape: Advantage: W-Shape Profile – Single Wall .025” | Arrowlock: Double wall tubular with center support leg – wall thickness .030 +-.005
Width: Advantage: 1.225” | Arrowlock: 1.097 for 2” mesh
Warranty: VIP Advantage 10 Year Warranty,VIP Arrowlock 25 Year Warranty

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